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Oct 28, 2012 5:30am EDT
. >> that's it. congratulations. >> active park assist uses an ultrasonic based sensing system. sensors on the front and rear of the car plus electric power assisted steering. the option is available in six ford vehicles ranging from about $24,000 for a focus to about $32,000 for the escape we drove up to a little more than $43,000 for the explorer. parking hands-free does get people's attention. >> i couldn't believe it. the car just comes right in without touching the curb. >> i was quite impressed. i think i would benefit from such a mechanism like that, because i have trouble parking. >> i think that was awesome. >> we parked the ford escape on a neighborhood street in northwest d.c. it made it around this wide truck. >> right there. that's when you need to stop. and there you go. >> done. finished. it even parks on the left side of the street. >> this is a really tight space. >> this is really tight. >> you're finished. >> wow. nice job. we parked it downtown. and we parked it in georgetown on m street. we're using the brake. got no hands. and we're -- wow. parked. yes. >> it's amazin
Oct 14, 2012 5:30am EDT
walker, jay reid all in the house to give us the answers when "redskins show time" continues after this. >>> welcome back to "redskins show time." dan hellie alongside rick, mike and jason. they are all from the "washington post," and espn 980 respectively. the big story has been the rookie quarterback robert griffin iii. he has practiced and he will play barring a last-minute setback. here's the deal. the redskins have paired down the playbook. they don't call these design runs anymore. this was supposed to be a pass. he should have run out of bounds. he should have thrown the ball away. what do you do if you're' coaching staff. you can only do so much, right? you can't strip him of his ability to run which is what makes him so dangerous. >> he slipped. i mean, he slipped and i'm sure that he will -- someone made the analogy, i'm sure weiss will take the credit for it, putting your hand on a hot oven. all you need to do it was once. >> that was me. >> it wasn't him but -- so i think he'll learn from that. he'll still going to be competitive. that can happen any play. >> i think my coll
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2